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Video DeNoise for VirtualDub


   News: Released Video DeNoise for Adobe Premiere.

Brief review of Video DeNoise filters

The filters for clearing the video of noise for VirtualDub and Adobe Premier. Its main task is suppression of noise as small bright lines, red or blue color, less often green. Because of discontinuity of a magnetic layer of VHS-tape such lines always are present at the image.

The filter analyses each frame irrespective of others, due to what it brings in additional distortions in comparison with dynamic filters (practically there is a loss of clearness in comparison with the operation blur). In aggregate with high accuracy of definition of noise the given filter, probably, is the leader among similar filters for VirtualDub. Is especially convenient at coding in MPEG4 or DivX, since even after deleting small noise the size of the encoded file decreases.
As the filter relieves from interlacing and the additional filter is not required.

The level cut of noise can be regulated for any of color components. The filter is optimized for processors with support MMX, which allows making reduction of noise in real-time mode.

Video DeNoise for VirtualDub

System Requirements

  1. Pentium 100 MHz, 32 Mb
  2. Windows 95 or later
  3. VirtualDub 1.2 or later


Copy vdn.vdf into the PLUGINS\ directory in the VirtualDub program directory. The filter will then automatically load when the main program starts.


Before usage the filter

After usage the filter

Before usage the filter

After usage the filter


LICENSE: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

 Size    Link
Video DeNoise 0.5(without automatic DeInterlace, without MMX-mode)  12 Kb Download
Video DeNoise 1.2  18 Kb Download
Video DeNoise 2.0  20 Kb Download
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